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Precious Metals-Spreads/Conditions
SymbolMinimum SpreadAverage SpreadValue of 1 lotMinimum Price FluctuationMinimum LotsMaximum LotsLimit and Stop LevelsMargin Rate
XAUUSD44.5100 oz0.010.01 lot100 lots1.0 1%
XAGUSD2.835,000 oz0.0010.01 lot100 lots0.10 1%
XPTUSD1718100 oz0.010.01 lot100 lots1.0 1%
XPDUSD1718100 oz0.010.01 lot100 lots1.0 1%
Buying Price
Selling Price
Spread Profit
1 lot x 100oz x $11.3 = $1130

Trading Gold

Trading XAUUSD

Entering Order

The price of gold (XAUUSD)is 1141.50/1141.12,you decide to buy 1 lot at 1141.50. If the margin rate of gold is 1%,the margin should be 1%*100*$1141.5=$1141.5

Close Position

After one week gold has risen to 1153.18/1152.80 and you decide to sell 1 lot, as selling price is 1152.80

The calculation of your trading profits:

Gold and Silver

Due to several large degree of price changes, investors are more interested in trading precious metals. Gold and silver have experienced great fluctuations caused by political, changes in market sentiment as well as the fluctuations caused by standard supply and demand levels of metals.

Unlike other commodities, the price of gold does not depend on the production and consumption levels. They follow the footsteps of political change, which makes gold hedging function to play when other markets are unreliable. Silver and gold are unique: since they are widely used in different industries, their prices fluctuate more than any other metals.

Gold and silver are considered as asset products. Many investors see them as the store of value when currencies are not reliable to store. Compared with other assets, gold and silver prices are more likely to counter the recession or financial crisis.

In recent years, more and more people choose to invest precious metals as a long-term investment. It provides more opportunities for those investors who interested in short-term investments.


1. Precious Metals Margin = Lot * Contracted value * Market price * Margin rate

2. Precious Metals trading hours: Sunday 23:00 - Friday 21:55 GMT; Suspends trading and quotation at 22:00:-23:00 GMT everyday; Server time is GMT + 2 (GMT + 3 applies during summer time).