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Trading of Spot energy contracts including Crude oil, Brent & Natural Gas from your MetaTrader 4 platforms against the US Dollar

Trading Energy contracts as a spot instrument has many advantages for investors who are only interested in price speculation. The Spot price is derived as a combination of the first and second nearby month future contract. This pricing method diminishes the level of volatility.

Symbol Type Average Spread Value of 1 lot Minimum Price Fluctuation Minimum Lots Maximum Lots Limit and Stop Levels Margin Rate Trading Hours
USOIL Futures 18 1000 0.001 USD 0.01 lot 10 0.05 1% 01:05 – 23:55
UKOIL Futures 28 1000 0.001 USD 0.01 lot 10 0.05 1% 03:05 – 23:55
Buying Price
Selling Price
Spread Profit
1 lots x 1000 barrel x $10.17 = $10170

Energy Trading Example

Trading Brent Oil

Entering Order

The price of Brent Oil is 100.48/100.52, you predict the crude oil price will rise, so you decide to buy 1 lot (1 lot = 1 barrel). No commission is charged on Energies

Close Position

After one week, the Brent Oil has risen to 110.69/110.73 and you decide to take your profit, You close your position by selling all contracts at 110.69.

The calculation of your trading profits:


1. Energy Margin = Lot * Contracted value * Market price * Margin rate